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News – Tikit Announcement Signals Drive Into the Outsourcing Market

January 15, 2013

The announcement on the Tikit website yesterday – “Tikit Expands Managed Services Capability and Expertise” on the surface is simply news of a couple of senior hires into their Managed Service capability. However on closer reading, I believe this tells us of a real drive into the outsourcing market – and given their impressive array of clients, they are really well placed to ride the coming wave of outsourcing opportunities.

The Announcement

“Over the past year Tikit has witnessed a growing demand for its managed services and related outsourcing activities. Professional services firms seeking to implement industry leading best practice and gain the benefits from outsourcing all, or part, of their IT services have increasingly turned to Tikit for its capability and expertise.

Tikit has been working with professional service firms for over 17 years and has built a formidable array of talented staff in all areas of IT. Tikit’s expanded offering aims to leverage a new structure and processes to bring together all of the diverse capabilities and experience the organisation can provide to deliver a truly complete service offering……

… .. To support this drive, Tikit has recruited Darren Saunders as Managed Services Account Manager and Ian Halcrow, the Client & Services Delivery Manager for Tikit, who will work together to continue to enhance, develop and implement managed service solutions that help drive our clients productivity.”

The key elements in this are not the new hires but the use of the term ‘outsourcing’ which is not currently listed as one of their services under Management Services on their website and reference to ‘a new structure’.

Tikit Services to Date

I have worked quite closely with Tikit and their Directors in the past. I have until now viewed them as a pretty focussed reseller of Autonomy software making good income from licence sales and associated implementation and consultancy services. They also make good money from their own software that works around the fringes of the core Autonomy product set.

I had not considered Tikit as a player in the outsourcing market. They have a small number of outsourcing engagements but I am guessing these were opportunistic deals rather than part of their core offerings.

I have to be honest and say that the service I received from Tikit was mixed. This in my view stemmed from how stretched they were, with a small number of very capable consultants pulled in any number of directions by the wide range of client needs they were trying to service – I needed to shout loud and often to get the service I required.  I would also say that in my discussions with others in the sector that this is a fairly typical view.

Tikit in the Outsourcing Market

My view:

  • As I said in my Top 5 Challenges blog , outsourcing is likely to increase significantly in the legal sector this year.
  • It’s probably no coincidence that this announcement has come so soon after the BT acquisition.
  • Tikit is uniquely placed to capitalise given its huge footprint in the UK legal sector.
  • It’s actually pretty difficult to find true outsourcing specialists in the legal sector (a point I will return to in future blogs). Many have entered from other areas where they have real skills – typically hardware and software vendors, ‘rackspace’ providers and hardware break/fix specialists. Very few have real experience and expertise in professional management of IT environments and IT services. Tikit might benefit from some of BTs capability here – we’ll have to wait and see.

In summary, Tikit are extremely well placed to take advantage of this real opportunity but I doubt whether they have the real in depth expertise in place today.

Your thoughts?


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