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News – More Evidence of Tikit’s Push Into Services and Outsourcing

January 25, 2013

Interesting comments from the CEO designate of Tikit, Tim Springham, on the Tikit website yesterday welcoming Tikit into the BT organisation.

Springham, who has been a with BT since 2003, will replace David Lumsden as Tikit CEO in February this year and commented:

“We will expand our IT services capability together and continue to grow both businesses. BT is committed to investing in and growing Tikit, developing new products and services, as well as using our global reach to enter new geographic markets.”

This is serves to further underline earlier press releases confirming Tikit’s push into the managed services and outsourcing market. As I said in an earlier post, Tikit is really well placed to take advantage of (what I perceive as) the significant trend towards outsourcing in the legal sector but until now I had always thought of them as a reseller of Autonomy products (with add-on consulting services) and a developer of wrap-around software products – certainly their website doesn’t mention outsourcing as one of their service offerings. It might be interesting to speculate on whether this new focus is as a result of the BT acquisition or simply building capability in line with “the wishes of our customers”.

Another aspect of this acquisition that will be worth watching is how BT will take to the legal sector.  I have experience of trying to work with BT when asking them to take part in an RFP process for a mid-size legal firm.  The grinding of corporate gears was almost audible as they attempted to respond within the timeframes we had set – despite extending our deadlines they were forced to withdraw as they couldn’t line up their internal ducks – all other mid-range services companies responded. Even in the corporate world, BT services businesses have long been held as bureaucratic and bound up in red tape – they will need to step up their game in responsiveness and flexibility if Tikit is to take advantage of this growing market, there’s no doubt they are in prime position.


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