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Access to skills, flexibility and risk mitigation are driving mid market companies towards IT outsourcing.

September 5, 2014

Following my blog post  Why IT Outsourcing is increasingly inevitable in the legal sector I did a little research to see if others had similar opinions to myself. I found an OVUM white paper published earlier this year on the BT Engage IT website entitled:

Managing Business and IT Complexities In Mid-Market Organisations         Link Here

The summary text is below:

“Mid-market organisations have similar complexities to large enterprises, yet they often only have limited resources to address their business challenges. Their procurement decisions consequently tend to be more tactical in nature. Standard products and packaged applications are one approach to mitigating these constraints, but they don’t necessarily enable business agility themselves.

Fundamentally, mid-market businesses need the capability to scale people, processes and technology without the capital investments that large enterprises can access. Innovations such as cloud services, mobility and analytics provide flexible service components for mid-market organisations to accelerate their journey towards industrialised services while offering innovative ways of funding projects.

Finding a partner that is able to address the specific needs of mid-market organisations is critical. It necessitates finding a balance between the customer centricity of smaller service providers and the broad technical capabilities of large system integrators. Fundamentally the move towards highly standardized and industrialised ICT services should be seen as a journey whereby new building blocks such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud services can provide greater agility. But these service components should not be misunderstood as being the panacea for overcoming the business constraints inherent in mid-market businesses.

Service providers can play a pivotal role on this journey in helping mid-market enterprises mitigate risk by helping them integrate new technologies into existing architectures, by providing flexible staffing solutions and by advising on technology roadmaps.”

While the report clearly doesn’t say that outsourcing is inevitable – it’s pretty much in line with my previous blog post, which is to say that access to skills and flexibility in the IT arena are growing inhibitors to mid market organisations and that managed services providers are increasingly being sought to meet these key business challenges.

Towards the end of the white paper there are some very useful tips relating to choosing the right outsourcer for you and how to go about procuring these services. I have blogged previously on this and will probably return to this subject soon.

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